Success Stories

The long established London Actors Workshop has been running high quality acting workshops, casting director sessions and industry showcases in the heart of the West End for many years and are delighted to have helped so many develop successful acting careers.

See for yourself how we have helped aspiring actors…

Three months after the course I auditioned successfully for an agent - the LAW class on how to behave at auditions helped a lot. Four months after that I got the lead in a Sky TV promo - for which the class on acting on-camera helped immensely. And two months after that I got a stage role at Equity rate playing the dual lead - undoubtedly thanks to LAW acting classes. At the age of 60 I'm setting out on a new career thanks to LAW!

Albert Clack

London Actors Workshop is an invaluable course where you can explore, create and grow.
You get to meet some amazing people and work with such talented professionals from today’s acting industry.
100% Recommend!"

Leah Bullough

An excellent course in the company of great people, within 3 days of the showcase I had 2 agents call me and was offered a part in a film, so thanks London Actors Workshop, it wouldn't have happened without you!

Mike Long

LAW Graduates

Nathan Kershaw (January 2006)

  • Having relocated to the USA, Nathan recently filmed a leading role in ‘Courage, New Hampshire’ for PBS

Parker Sawyers (April 2011)

  • Parker is in demand with such high profile work as ‘Lillehammer’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

Shayne Drummond (April 2013 Course)

  • ‘Working on a very interesting Musical Theatre project… During rehearsals I have been cast as a presenter for a new, first of a kind, interactive dating show for CellCast Televison. Targeted at the South African audience, this will be shot in London and aired live in South Africa on Friday evenings.
  • I would also like you to know that I used techniques and skills acquired at London Actors Workshop, for the auditions of both the Musical and the Presenter job.
  • I believe this to be the reason I got both jobs!
  • The confidence, experience and technical skills taught are INVALUABLE to any actor!’

Laura Naylor (Sep 2008)

  • Laura is enjoying a great year, having played Melissa in RUSHOLME ROULETTE at the BBC Media City, Salford and Mariette in THE DINNER PARTY at The Greenwich Theatre, London. She also recently played Lisa in Channel Four’s ‘Coming Up 2013’ series.

Helen Meadmore (Sep 2009)

  • Spent the summer season in a successful run at the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival playing in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (Titania/Hypolita) and The Comedy of Errors.

Howard Corlett (April 2005)

  • Howard builds on a strong body of film & TV work with a guest appearance on a recent episode of ‘New Tricks’ and five further screen credits this year alone, including ‘Compere Pete’ in HECKLE.

Hannah Berry George (January 2010)

  • Hannah is becoming a regular on London’s comedy circuit after appearing this year as the local doctor in ‘Emmerdale’.

Georgie Carter (January 2012)

  • Georgie is developing an impressive commercial CV and has recently appeared in commercials for Montagne Jeunesse, Post Office, Hawaiian Tropic, Barclays and Trust Bank Russia. She is repped by International Artists Management.


Petra Lindblad

  • “John Melainey gave us everything as a director, and this brings great results”

Kemar Downey

  • “Brilliant, loved it, we did so many different things…..enjoyed meeting casting directors and industry people who told us how ‘it is’, stopped me finding out the hard way by myself. Good, motivating people behind us, pushing us.”

Shayne Drummond

  • “Comprehensive, a really good platform for me to go forward. An honour to have Val Colgan on the course. Working on ‘Method’ is very personal and brings you together as a group. Combat was amazing, really useful class”

Anthony Adegoke

  • “Fantastic course, helped me understand more about myself, opened me up to new ideas. If someone is serious about acting for a living and passionate about it as we all were, I’d recommend this course”

Solveiga Kizalaite

  • “What did I get from the course? Of course, all the acting classes and techniques, improvisation and so on….. but then so much more, all the technical aspects of working on camera, castings, auditions, the business and industry knowledge, that’s why this course is so good”

Matt Graydon

  • “A lot of highlights, Method Acting with Val Colgan to name just one but also the technical practical skills that you’ll need to work in TV. Really good value, it’s well worth the money”

Natasha Evette

  • “Really liked the session with Paul McEwan, learned a lot from him about working on ‘soaps’ and meeting the casting directors, getting inside information with no ‘dressing it up’, just the plain truth”

Aoife O’Keefe

  • “So many wonderful things about the course…a really taxing class with Val Colgan, in a good way. The weeks have gone so quickly, I’ll miss it!”

Micheline Atobrah

  • “I learned how to properly conduct yourself working on stage and screen, how to prepare for scenes and how to conduct yourself professionally. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it”

Leona Andrea Sontag

  • “The detailed advice you get, even the smallest, most precise ‘criticism’, it can change the whole effect of what you’re doing, I really loved that”

David Handley

  • “Learned the differences between stage and television acting, it was great to have a TV director break it down for us. I learnt so much from that”

Leah Foroozan

  • “It’s helped me get back into acting after eight years. I’ve never trained in stage combat so got the most out of that class”